Becoming Together as a Beloved Community

Becoming Together as a Beloved Community

A walk through Galatians and Anti-Racism

Our mission as a church is to stand in solidarity with the weak and vulnerable. What does this mean in the context of our racialized world and society?

Another part of our mission is to seek truth through the gift of Scripture, and to be rooted in our spiritual connection with God. We will reflect on the important issue of racism in our society through this scriptural and spiritual framework. Using Paul's letter to the Galatians as our source material, we will incorporate materials from other spiritual traditions to reflect on our place in this complex context.

The hope is that we will develop some tools to reflect on our own situation and what our calling is for this time and place.

Preparing Ourselves

July is the month where we as a church will be reflecting on race and justice. We encourage you all to participate!

There are two aspects of study for this month:

  1. Context

  2. Scripture and Spirituality


It is important for us to be more aware of the context we are dealing with. This includes an awareness of facts and on-the-ground reality of those who face racism and injustice. It involves an awareness of the discourse and dialogue taking place in society. 

We will provide materials for your reflection and ask you to do this on your own time.

Scripture and Spirituality

The unique perspective that we can offer as a church is to provide a biblical and spiritual frame through which to reflect on these issues. When we gather together, we will walk through Paul’s epistle to the Galatians as our main source material. We will also incorporate other spiritual perspectives from other faith traditions.

Let us commit ourselves to an active month of study and reflection. From our common reflection, we pray that God may give us a more concrete sense of calling on where we go from here.