Power to Change

  • What is Sioux Valley?

    Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is an indigenous community in southwestern Manitoba

  • Why are we going?

    We are going to continue the relationship we began of learning, listening and being friends to this community

  • What will we be doing?

    We will provide meals for the community, run a children's camp, youth camp and adult Bible Study and evening programs for the community

  • When will we be going?

    We will depart Toronto on July 29 and return on August 3

Responding to God's Call

Our prayer for this summer is that we can deepen bonds of friendship we began last year. We humbly seek to live out our mission statement of being a compassionate community. We pray for discernment in how we might be a part of the process of healing and reconciliation in this country. We hope you will prayerfully consider being a part of our work this summer!