Invitation to You

Out of the billions of people on earth, God called you into this community. We believe this is not mere coincidence. What does it mean for your life that you are a part of this community? Why did God bring you into this community? 

To answer these questions, it helps to place your life in the broader context of our church's history. How has this church shaped others? How have they shaped it? How might that help you discover your own calling in life and this community?

God brought you here for a reason. Let us explore what this means!

  • Something New Each Week

    Each week during the fall, we will release new content to help you learn and reflect on this community

  • Video Interviews

    Interviews with Rev. In Kee Kim and members from both KSM and ESM

  • The Message of St. Timothy

    Essay that summarizes the message of St. Timothy over the past 25 years

  • How God has Shaped this Community

    A reflection on how God has uniquely shaped this community

  • Where God is Leading Us

    Reflection on Where God is Leading Us

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